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Testimonial One

Karl Tonks

Chair - Citizens Advice Manchester & Trustee - Together Dementia Support

Charlie has helped me with a conversion of a Community Interest Company into a charity and the updating of articles for another charity. In both cases, Charlie skilfully dealt with the queries raised by the Charity Commission and, in the CIC to charity conversion, successfully negotiated helpful terms with them. Charlie clearly set out and explained the constitutional choices that we faced. His responses to queries were clear. He helpfully supplied the draft documentation and gave clear instructions on the process to be followed. He knows what he is doing, and his charges are very reasonable.

Testimonial Two

Samantha Silver


Action-attainment CIC

Smooth and painless are the key reflections on working with Charlie on the application for CIC status for Action-attainment.  A-a's board were concerned that the change would involve masses of paperwork, labyrinthine protocol and time away from our core business which is helping young people, families and schools understand neuro-diversity.


Not at all - the CIC conversion has happened painlessly. 


Charlie prepared the new articles and forms and provided me with details of how to submit them to meet Companies House deadlines.  Charlie answered board members' questions promptly and clearly by email.  He worked to the quoted price.  Action-attainment's change from CLG to CIC has happened within the time-scale  Charlie predicted.  As CEO I have been able to continue working with colleagues while Charlie did his magic.


We are now prepared to take advantage of the CIC status with new funders and increase our work with vulnerable families and struggling schools.


Thanks Charlie!

Testimonial Three

Frankie Graham,


Betknowmore UK

Betknowmore UK is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation supporting and helping people with gambling addiction problems. Registered by the Charity Commission 06/08/20.

"Charlie's services were recommended by the School for Social Entrepreneurs, their words being, 'This is the gentleman to speak to regarding charity registration'. I am pleased to confirm that their recommendation was spot on. 


As a small, but growing social enterprise, we (Betknowmore UK) had discussed the merits of either converting to or establishing a new charity for some time (many, many board conversations!). 


The process appeared daunting and often the overriding concern was the lack of charity sector experience within the Management Board and who would oversee the application. 


Charlie was able to break down the application into easy to follow steps and demystify the whole process. Advice, templates and resources were all provided, in a polite, timely and convenient manner. 


Thank you Charlie, you have helped us move onto the next stage of our journey!"

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